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  1. Hi Ben. From a quick high level perspective, is there a goal to make a CF7 upgrade to use jrun5 somewhere in the future? Or do you guys know now that it would be so fundamentally complex that making a CF7+Jrun5 update unfeasible?
    I’m guessing that you can’t comment on that now, but thought I’d try to see if I could get an inkling of a vibe. 🙂

  2. Gee… would love to know what bugs and performace improvements have been fixed in the next version. Hopefully also they were able to decrease the memory footprint.

  3. Tariq, I think it is a pretty safe bet that a future CF will use the updated JRun. But it will not be the Mystic update, that will not update the JRun bits.
    — Ben

  4. I’m guessing this means that one of the major updates to JRUN is the ability for it to run nicely on an updated JRE. ie jre5.0 or above? I’m pretty sure its been announced publicly (webdu 2006) that CF 8 will support the sun jre 5 or above. Would I be correct in saying this?

  5. So long, thanks for all the fish.
    From Jrun FAQ: "After careful consideration and analysis of both the server marketplace and customer feedback, Adobe plans to discontinue new feature development for JRun, the fast, affordable and reliable J2EE compatible application server."

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