My primary laptop is dead. Well, not actually dead, but useless at this point. I had installed laptop encryption software, and everything seemed to be fine, but then it started blue-screening on startup. Hey, I guess that’s one way to secure laptop contents! The Adobe IT folks are looking at it for me, but for now I am behind on mail and blogging and more, bummer! I am just thankful that this did not happen a week earlier (as I’ve been on the road relying on that box for months now).

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  1. That’s the trouble with using just any encryption software. When you use an encryption program, you have to be absolutely sure that it’s user friendly and that it works. I’ve been using Digital Vault by and it’s a life saver, plus they have a portable vault that you can use on USB drives, which is really helpful since I seem to lose mine all the time. If you’re not sure how encryption software works, the site does a really good job of explaining it. <a href=""></a>

  2. I think that I’ll have to take a look at this StompSoft software. I glanced at their web site briefly and I was impressed. I think that as soon as I’ve got the money I am definitely going to by the Digital Vault software. It seems to be able to do everything that I need it too. I’m glad that I stumbled upon this blog or else I probably would have not heard of it.

  3. Stompsoft is a joke, for a company that is selling privacy they stamp your name into the software (Portable Vault). There is no reason they can’t give out a unique alpanumeric username if they want to keep track of their software. And if you want to email them lots of luck, unless you are trying to purchase a product I challenge you to find an email address to vent your complaints. The only security this company is concerned about is their own.

  4. You get what you pay for on encryption I am afraid. I went for something called Alertsec Xpress, which claim to use the market leading software – havn’t had any problems at all … so far 🙂

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