ColdFusion Sequel Database?

This one has been all over the new sites recently, a story about, an online service catering to independent artists. Check out this paragraph
For computer geeks interested in how it’s all put together, the interface members use to create their online press material is a combination of HTML and Flash 8. The loading script used to transfer information into EDT, and then stream any audio or video is XML. And the database is ColdFusion sequel. All audio and video is converted via XML in order to stream through Flash.
Wow, good to know. Glad that description is just for the computer geeks.

8 responses to “ColdFusion Sequel Database?”

  1. mikey Avatar

    OMG, that is too funny. Wow, ColdFusion Sequel, eh?

  2. todd Avatar

    Part 2 – The Revenge of CF?
    That is so dang funny! 🙂

  3. Clint Avatar

    Oh come on! Give the guy a break. You know he’s talking about cfquery or query of queries or query chaching or maybe even stored procedures. I think it’s a catchy spin on it, after all Coldfusion does have it’s own unigue interface programming to the database. But on the flip side it’s like yelling "All Net!" during a touchdown, everyone thinks you know nothing about football.

  4. Craig Avatar

    lol. Be nice, Ben.

  5. Stephen Cassady Avatar
    Stephen Cassady

    Man, I gave a Squeel when I read that. 🙂

  6. Kris Brixon Avatar
    Kris Brixon

    Is that why ColdFusion tends to appear in the database section of book stores instead of the programming sections?

  7. todd Avatar

    i can never find ANY cf books in bookstores.

  8. Andre Audet Avatar
    Andre Audet

    Someone should write a CFSD (ColdFusion Sequal Database) tag! HAHAHA!!!

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