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  1. Yeah, but in (recent) typical Google fashion, it’s available for about an hour until they claim "suprise" that the product is so popular and you can’t get into it anymore because of "high demand." Lame. Some may say the lockout adds to the excitement. Personally, it annoys the hell out of me and I lose all interest in the product.

  2. Yeah….Google is very funny about things. I am using Urchin to crunch web logs, which Google bought to make into their Analytic product and I must say that support has been sketchy to non-existent since the acquisition….kind of like trying to find phone number to call Amazon "Customer Service." Now if we can get Google to offer free CF hosting…..hmmm…

  3. Ha! Yeah, if Google offered free CF hosting, it would probably only be available for the first 6 people. Then they’ll close it off for 6 months while they brag that there’s so much unexpected demand and everybody else has to wait.

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