TechBookReport Reviews MySQL Crash Course

TechBookReport has posted a review of my MySQL Crash Course, and concluded that “If you want to learn SQL and aim to implement your database using MySQL then this is definitely the book to use”.

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  1. Stephen Cassady Avatar
    Stephen Cassady

    Well no doubt. I think I’ve sold for you about 20 of the SQL in 10 minutes and a few of the Regular Expressions. It’s almost "required reading" for all the developers I’ve ever worked with. You’ve got the clear, clean direct writing style required. I’m looking forward for your next book (hopefully) on T-SQL enhancements that have been made in SQL Server 2005.

  2. Dougs Book Review Avatar
    Dougs Book Review

    I am just starting to learn MySQL (in parallel with PHP, HTML and CSS). I bought a whole shelf-full of books to teach myself all this (so I can put it all together and start writing web-enabled software).
    Of all the books I purchased, <A href="">MySQL Crash Course</A> is the best written, and the most useful book of the three I bought about MySQL.
    Read the <A href="">review of MySQL Crash Course</A> that I wrote if you like.
    I would like to add books of similar quality on all the other subjects that I am studying. That would really get me up and running quickly!

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