Bye Bye Blazer, Hello Opera Mini

I’ve long suspected the Blazer web browser as a primary culprit in crashing my Treo. And so I was really pleased to have found an alternative, a newly released free version of Opera called Opera Mini that works on the Treo (you can download it via your PC, or on the Treo itself by going to that same URL).
Opera Mini is a Java app, so you’ll need a JVM (I am using WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment). And as a Java app (as opposed to a native Palm app) the menus and controls are quite different to those of typical Palm applications (the menu button, as an example, does nothing).
But, it is fast, it works, and it has yet to crash my Treo! So, despite a rather clunky interface (what is with that obnoxious flashing status bar at the bottom of the screen?), I have made Opera Mini the default browser on my Treo.

3 responses to “Bye Bye Blazer, Hello Opera Mini”

  1. Steve Walker Avatar
    Steve Walker

    It’s so limiting and really made for phones without all the Treo capability. The read flashing bar is too annoying.
    I am using the Sprint Treo and since the last update I have had no crashes that I can attribute to the browser. I can’t wait until Sprint offers the 700w so I can have Windows and the Flash player.

  2. John Avatar

    Any idea if this opera mini is also available for Palm’s LifeDrive PDA? Blazer came with the LifeDrive and it is miserable.

  3. Mujeebur Rahmansaher Avatar
    Mujeebur Rahmansaher

    I have a new problem with my treo now. Every single time I enable my bluetooth , it freezes. The only way to restart the phone normally is by a hard reset. I re installed the update but that didnt solve the problem..Anyone with the same situation ? Any suggestions ?

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