CFWACK Wins CFDJ Reader's Choice

The ColdFusion MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit has won Best Book in the 2005 MX Developer’s Journal / ColdFusion Developer’s Journal Readers Choice Awards, with Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Application Development winning 2nd runner-up.
And in addition, my Tip-of-the-Day (which has not been updated in a couple of years, ever since I moved all of the content over to my blog, and which probably should not have even been a nominee in this category) won as Best CF Web Services. Humm.
Thanks to all who voted!

2 responses to “CFWACK Wins CFDJ Reader's Choice”

  1. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    Congrats Ben! Your books and other resources have certainly helped tens of thousands of developers over the years.

  2. John Barrett Avatar
    John Barrett

    Hi Ben,
    Thank you once again for writting such a wonderful book:)
    I went from not understanding code to understanding, and so thank you very much

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