TMCnet: NSA Cookies No Big Deal, And NSA Uses ColdFusion

TMCnet has a story on cookie use on the NSA site, and explains that despite hyper and overreaction, the “It’s much ado about little”. And I quite agree.
And buried in the story is a little note that stats that the NSA uses “Adobe ColdFusion to deliver its public Web pages”.

6 responses to “TMCnet: NSA Cookies No Big Deal, And NSA Uses ColdFusion”

  1. Arindam Biswas Avatar
    Arindam Biswas

    Are we going back to the early days of the internet where ‘cookies are evil’ syndrome was the order of the day?

  2. Brian Philippus Avatar
    Brian Philippus

    I think the big deal is that they don’t even follow their own rules… even if their own rules are silly in the first place. Hopefully they follow the rules when it comes to getting a warrant for tapping phone lines, etc..

  3. timmy Avatar

    Brian…seriously…Chill. Out.

  4. Mike Avatar

    I agree with Brian, and don’t think he needs to "chill out" at all.

  5. Craig Avatar

    I agree with Brian and Mike. This had less to do with cookies and more to do with the government following it’s own rules ( regardless of what you think about the rules )

  6. Alex Avatar

    Very interesting blog!
    Happy New Year!!!

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