My newest book, MySQL Crash Course, is now shipping. This book is based on my bestselling Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, and builds on top of the lessons and structure of that book. By focusing on just MySQL, this book goes into far more detail than the SQL book, and even includes coverage of new MySQL 5 functionality (including stored procedures, triggers, and views). Details, and a chapter listing, can be found on the book page.

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  1. Oh, meant to point out that this book was primarily tech edited by the ColdFusion community’s own Jochem van Dieten (who has regularly posted extremely knowledgeable MySQL related posts on the CF lists).
    — Ben

  2. Same, yes, it does. Several chapters cover features *only* in MySQL 5, and differances between MySQL 4.x and 5 and mentioned throughout.
    — Ben

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