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  1. Ben, don’t you know how much excitement is generated by panic? Life would be so dull without it. LOL
    Great article. Exciting future. Thanks for the link!

  2. P.S.
    It would be very cool if the Open Standard office document XML standards were directly supported by the next version of CF also… is there a "Wish List" yet for Adobe products? Like CFReports now does RTF… I would like to see the office document standards. It also seems to me that some of the scope of why someone might look at InfoPath for… that might be something to look at also with the combined product lines. I would love to see the ability to say create documents with CF that people could interact with… and submit the data back to a web service in CF. That would be pretty cool! (Esp. if we could have versioning and such.)
    I don’t know why others aren’t a bit giddy about the possibilities this brings to the table for both Adobe and the new collection of MM tools. This is just one of the many possibilities. I WANT MY WISH LIST!
    John Farrar

  3. Nice article. So what’s your take on the future of CF, Ben? After all, a word from the evangelist would be nice.

  4. Kevin, I have posted my thoughts many times already. And will again when I have specifics to share.
    Peter, yep, kept me and my title. I get to keep doing what I do, just more of it, and for more products. Cool, huh?

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