Under Armour has made it their mission to provide the world with technically advanced performance apparel engineered with exclusive fabric construction, supreme moisture management, and proven innovation. The Under Armour sites are all powered by ColdFusion and sport highly interactive Flash front ends, too. Thanks to Phil for this one.

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  1. A recent cf-community thread over at houseoffusion.com said the site was developed in Flex. (I can’t verify it either way, though).

  2. Well, if it’s Flex it’s CF/Flex integrated because everything on the site is in a .cfm. Now if they can just fix the accordion menus so the words aren’t cutoff …

  3. Its CF, a little Java, some .Net to integrate with a ERP system and the interface was all done in Flex. If you are really interested you should email underarmour and i bet they would be willing to do a presentation at your local user group.

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