Portland Powered By ColdFusion

This one sent to me by Phillip Holmstrand of City of Portland, Oregon. Portland Online is the official web site of Portland, OR. The site contains over 60,000 pieces of content (HTML, PDF, and more), has a sophisticated security ands access control system built-in, features calendars polls and more, and receives more than 3,500,000 page views per month. Portland Maps is the largest municipal GIS implementation using ESRI technology with over two dozen different datasets online from assessor records to crime statistics. It features Google Earth integration, regularly generates as many as 15,000 maps an hour, and get over 1,800,000 per month. And the site is powered by ColdFusion MX 7 running on Windows 2003.

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  1. jason Avatar

    This is a very sweet site. I work ESRI stuff as well, and this is a unique way to approach the interface. One thing though, I would doubt that this is the largest municipal implementation of ESRI technology. I know I have personally implemented ESRI technology at cities much larger than Portland…

  2. Phillip Holmstrand Avatar
    Phillip Holmstrand

    Jason –
    The "largest municipal implementation" comes from our stats not city size: 15,000 maps per hour and nearly 2 million page views per month for … On top of that our SDE server averages about 300-400 concurrent connections internally.
    I’m not aware of a bigger implementation at a local level, but if someone wants to challenge my stats with their own, I’d love to chat with them about the hurdles of high volume GIS on the Internet.
    Thanks for the post Ben!

  3. jason Avatar

    I’m not knocking you or your site. In fact, I think its awesome. I really like your approach to the interface. Most folks go for the big all-in-one viewer while you have taken a much cleaner approach. Anyway, yeah, thats some serious volume. I would have a clue if there is ‘bigger’ implementation out there…you are right though, I was going on city size. Anyway…cheers to you and the good job. Make sure to stop by the CF ArcIMS users group if you don’t already.

  4. jason Avatar

    oops..meant to say "I would’nt have a clue if there is ‘bigger’ implementation out there"

  5. simeon Avatar

    Portland Loves CF!!!! We are gonna have to get you out to the portland cfug Phillip. Love to have a presentation on what you have done.

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