AIM: Make Your Passwords Strong, But Not TOO Strong

I update all of my IM account passwords on a regular basis, and did so this morning. They all updated properly, except for AIM, which complained that “you used non-alphanumeric characters”. The characters it was complaining about? @ and !, both of which apparently are not allowed. Oh well, I guess the use of non-alphanumeric characters is passwords is overrated anyway!

3 responses to “AIM: Make Your Passwords Strong, But Not TOO Strong”

  1. Yacoubean Avatar

    I /hate/ it when that happens. I have a standard password scheme that I use for all sites/services, that gives me a unique, strong, and easy to remember password for each site. Why would any site not let you use non-alphanumeric characters? I’ve also ran into a few sites that complained that my password was too long! Imbeciles…

  2. mtangorre Avatar

    That’s so lame! I wonder what their reasoning behind the restrictions is. One of my credit card Web sites have really lame restrictions also… i thought they would allow anything and everything!!!

  3. Matt Avatar

    I think America Online encrypts the passwords, I don’t think they hash. That can be a reason why some characters may be illegal.

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