Very Big Beer Ad

Yes, it is an ad for beer, but you’ve just got to see this Australian Carlton Draught Big Ad. Hilarious! Thanks to Peter Tilbrook for sending it my way.

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  1. Ryan Avatar

    Unfortunately, you have to install a 3rd party (video?) plugin for your browser to display it. I was interested, but not that much. I’ve never heard of that plugin before.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Yep, had some issue on FF< but worked fine as is on IE.

  3. James Avatar

    Oh no, a plugin. As much as I hate plugins I just love how certain people ignore the fact that Flash is a plugin. And yes I know that no one directly stated this in the comments. 🙂

  4. JesterXL Avatar

    Flash has proven it won’t hurt your computer, just your ears.

  5. Carlos Avatar

    If the plugin is good enough for Ben it’s good enough for me. Quit crying 🙂 I thought the video was great!!!

  6. James Avatar

    You are right. Nothing could ever be done using Flash that is malicious and would harm a person’s computer. I guess the latest work around for pop ads using Flash is not a great example.

  7. Ricky Avatar

    You can see a quicktime here:
    The older ads here:

  8. steve Avatar

    What is the music that this ad is parady-ing?

  9. Carlos() Avatar

    Carmina Burana

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