ColdFusion MX 7 Keeps Step 2 A Step Ahead

If you are a parent then you know of Step 2, the creator of those big rugged and ridiculously durable kids toys, games, beds, and more. And the Step 2 web site is powered by ColdFusion MX 7 (although I have yet to find any new CFMX7 specific functionality on the site). Thanks to Troy Pullis for sending this one my way.

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  1. Chris Avatar

    When I see other CF sites I like to look around to see how they architect things. Why do you think they pass the stp2ssid around? I know it’s one way of managing the session and I am familiar with all the pros and cons, but i wonder why someone would not just use the built in session methods for a site like this (session or client vars). Is this a jsessionid? Could you comment briefly on why you think they do it this way, it seems like the hard way of doing things.

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