When folks ask me where I work, and hear the response “Macromedia”, there are usually one of two responses. More technical folks respond with “oh, Flash”. And less technical folks tell me they have never heard of the company, until I mention Flash, and then they respond “oh yeah”.
Earlier this evening I flew back from Boston to Detroit, and the gentleman next to me asked where I worked. When I answered he responded with “oh, we use your products, we use Breeze”. That was a new one for me.

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  1. In another year, you’ll be responding "Adobe", for which there will be two possible responses: "Oh yeah, I use Photoshop" or "Oh yeah, I can view Adobe PDF files."

  2. When will they know about ColdFusion lol?
    I’m tired to hear: "Ohh do you work with Nuclear Physics or stuff like that?"

  3. Yes, it’s funny, the other day I realized that more people actually _do_stuff_ with Breeze and Contribute than with any of the authoring or development tools. But these people typically don’t write to mailing lists or weblogs, so they’re off-the-radar for online discussions.

  4. Everytime I hear a question of "What do you Do?" Marcel Duchamp’s answer always pops up in my head.
    “I am a respirateur.”
    Marcel Duchamp (1887 – 1968)
    French/US artist, founder of Dadaism
    Which ties in with the "Breeze" confirmation you received. 🙂

  5. Sadly, I thought RIA.
    I need to put the Kool Aid down.
    I’ll say Breeze when it becomes a full-blown LMS with support for SCORM packages.

  6. Alex’s comment reminded me of something I ran across yesterday.
    At CFUnited, during the CFDJ panel, I asked if anybody had heard if the DOJ is going to investigate the Macromedia/Adobe merger, and you and the others said you hadn’t. Well, here it is: http://tinyurl.com/9blc7
    The interesting thing to me is that it looks like the big obstacle that might crop up in this merger is graphics development. What does it mean if the two largest graphics tools companies merge? Will small companies like Jasc be able to survive in the resulting market? It’ll be interesting to see what the DOJ and EU antitrust regulators do on this one.

  7. Jose,
    I’m not sure I was trying to make it sound bad, I was just throwing out a theory or two, specifically the theory that the DOJ might try to impede the merger when it becomes known that an Adobe/Macromedia would dominate the vector graphics market.
    I don’t think it /is/ a bad thing if Adobe is not allowed to purchase Macromedia. As things stand today, business is continuing as normal at Macromedia. If the merger falls through, business would continue as normal. 🙂

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