Check Out Brazil's IHOUSE

The Innovative House (IHOUSE) has a mission of: to offer the last word in high-tech solutions for homes, apartments and hotels. Be it the Smart Shower (a “hot and cold water mixer with digital computerized controls that allow precise regulation of both water temperature and pressure” where a “voice system announces when the selected temperature has been reached”), the Smart Eye (a remote monitoring system), Smart Door (a biometric locking system that stores up to 20 different fingerprints), Smart Hydro (“selection of water level, temperature, amount of bath essence and light intensity”, self cleaning, and of course a “voice system to inform users when the bath is ready”), Smart Control (touch screen home control), and more. No real mention of underlying technology aside from the occasional reference to Pocket PC, computers, and WiFi. Still, fun reading.

4 responses to “Check Out Brazil's IHOUSE”

  1. Jose Avatar

    oh, and a Flash homepage

  2. Marcos Placona Avatar
    Marcos Placona

    Ben, was it an advertisement or what?

  3. Andrew Pritchard Avatar
    Andrew Pritchard

    I am glad that I am old and dying. I would hate to be in a house with all that #$%^ in it.

  4. Tom Kitta Avatar
    Tom Kitta

    I looked at solutions offered and some are not very new (like smart door – fingerprint technology been around for a while). Others are not very practical – like a smart bath activation via phone – so yesterday – how about a simple network connectivity so you can link all of your devices to a central house computer and use it as a communication hub. If you are into hardware, many things are not as hard nor expensive to do as they might seem from functionality description.

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