ColdFusion Powers

As the owner of a new PalmOne Treo, I’ve been dropping by, and was pleased to see that it is powered by ColdFusion and Fusebox.

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  2. gashdot Avatar

    Meaning no personal offence:
    Does anyone really care which sites use Cold Fusion, particularly those with no significance to the language itself? It’s not as if we can go to and think "oh, I’ll go there and get some CF tips", given that the code is all hidden on the server side.
    I have every respect for Ben (which comes from having bought many of his books going back many years) but this blog is just monotonous.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Hi there. I’ll stop posting these if ever folks don’t want them. But just so you know, I get dozens of e-mails from folks who want these, and this is only the second comment saying no thanks. Many users do indeed like to know that others are using CF and let me know so regularly. And I keep these in their own category making it easy to filter them out for those who don’t want them. Still, I’ll be democratic about it and will stop posting them as soon as the nays outvote the yeahs.

  4. gashdot Avatar

    Fair enough.
    But then again, I’d prefer to hear about more CF sites than your new phones!

  5. PaulC Avatar

    I would think it part of the job description of being a Technical Evangelist to help market the product by keeping on top of who’s using it and how.
    Ben, maybe an attempt at contacting the developers for these sites and getting a quickie 2-3 question interview on why they chose it?

  6. Ryan Avatar

    Ben, I like Paul’s idea of trying to get comments from the developer’s of the sites.
    I do support however posting the names of some of these sites. Sometimes it helps to have a few ‘big companies’ that I can name drop when talking to someone about CF. Having a variety of end users allows me to try to pick a few that will spark the interest of the listener. i.e. if I’m talking to a manager trying to push CF and they are into sports I can name a football team or two. If I push to a geek I say, NASA’s JPL site for the Mars rovers.’, the NSA, etc.

  7. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ryan, that’s exactly why I post these. And judging by how often that category is clicked on lots of folks do exactly as you suggest.
    Paul, that is a great idea, I’ll see what I can do with it.

  8. Sutton Yamanashi Avatar
    Sutton Yamanashi

    I actually appreciate both the posting of sites and learning which flash-phones other developers are buying as I want to buy one myself.
    I cannot emphasize enough how important it has been for me in the selling of ColdFusion to my customers and prospects to name-drop major sites built on ColdFusion. Thanks Ben!

  9. JCulp Avatar

    Found this today, thought it was funny…
    powered by, you guessed it, CF!

  10. z3r0eff3ct Avatar

    Another one that uses cf, that isn’t listed here:

  11. Sameer Premji Avatar
    Sameer Premji

    By the way, how do you find out if a website is running CF, especially when you can’t find ".cfm" anywhere on the site ?
    Is there an external website that analyzes this ?

  12. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Sameer, which site? The one I mentioned is all .cfm URLs.

  13. z3r0eff3ct Avatar

    You would be surprised the tools Macromedia has. They can pull the cf source code of any page of any site that uses their language.
    Hey, I know Microsoft has this for a fact. I’m pretty damn sure any language vendor has this.

  14. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds is another one.

  15. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    I also like seeing announcements of sites that use CF. The more you see, the stronger the market appears.
    Here’s another one that uses CF and Fusebox:

  16. Sameer Premji Avatar
    Sameer Premji

    Hi Ben,
    Not the site you mentioned but I think there are some sites that do not necessarily expose their file extensions.
    I remember someone in the past had asked you this question and you had given a website where you can simply enter the URL and it spews out a whole lotta info.
    Ben, could you share that website please ?

  17. PaulC Avatar

    JCulp, I noticed that yesterday as well. (Ben, I sent you an e-mail, one of many on it I’m sure.)
    If it keeps in line with The Donald’s reasoning, then CF must be "only the best."
    Does this mean the packaging gets re-done in faux white marble and gold-leaf trim?

  18. David Avatar

    What are the advantages using CF?

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