Detroit News Using ColdFusion MX

My local newspaper, The Detroit News, appears to be using ColdFusion MX. Most of the links on the site have .htm extensions, but click on any of the CyberSurveys, and .cfm it is.

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  1. Patrick McElhaney Avatar
    Patrick McElhaney

    Is it really necessary to notify us every single time you come across a site powered by ColdFusion? I’m tired of clicking through all of the powered by CF fluff.
    How about a "Powered by CF Friday," in which you summarize in one post all of the CF sites you discovered that week?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Patrick, I post these because I receive regular e-mails from folks telling me that appreciate being informed, especially when it is a well known or high profile site. Actually, your comment is the first negative one I have received. If others fell the same way I can definitely do as you suggest, although simply not reading the entries that you are not interested might be just as effective.

  3. Chuck Avatar

    I like the alerts. Most of the time I don’t check the sites out, but its always good to hear that larger organizations are using CF. Keeps me confident.

  4. Matt McDonald Avatar
    Matt McDonald

    I think the posts are very helpful. If you don’t like reading them, don’t click on them.

  5. Patrick McElhaney Avatar
    Patrick McElhaney

    Wow. I thought surely lots of other people had been thinking the same thing.
    Since I seem to be the only one, I created a couple of filters in my news reader.

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