TSA = "They Should be Ashamed"

Last year I mentioned TSA sloppiness and attitude. Well, here’s another example. I flew out of BWI this afternoon. There are 9 security lanes at BWI Concourse D, but only 1 was open. When I arrived there were about 50 people ahead of me, and it took half an hour to get to the security checkpoint. By the time I was done there were over 100 people behind me, and still only 1 lane open. I guess they were short staffed, right? Wrong! I counted 18 TSA agents standing at the far end of the hall – just standing, doing absolutely nothing – and several supervisors too. The one TSA agent shepherding the line kept saying “yeah, I know it looks bad, yeah I know” and not much else. When I had finally gotten through security I went over to one of the supervisors to tell her what I thought of all of this and to ask for an explanation. “We need more staff”, she explained, “go to and file a complaint, they need to hear this from passengers”. I asked her about the staff just hanging around, “you don’t understand” was her response. That’s it, “you don’t understand”. Actually, I think I do understand, I understand that there are too many parasites out there, leeches who’d never be able to keep a job in the real-world but whom manage to obtain government employment and then just sit back and enjoy the ride at the expense of others, sponges who give other hard working government employees a bad name. And these are the people we trust with ensuring the security of the flying public. What a scary thought!

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  1. phill.nacelli Avatar

    Completely agree with you.. and it’s not just about them hanging around. I work in Alexandria, VA. My boss and I had a trip to New York City and left from National (you would think security would be higher here.. ). We both checked in at the same counter at the same time with the same agent. She gave us our ticket and we checked our baggage in and proceeded to the security gate. After a brief line we passed through it. Then I noticed something weird, my boss had my ticket and I had his. And turns out that we went through the gate showing our own id and the other’s ticket, this was seen by two TSA agents who apparently just pretended to look at the id and compare the name in the ticket. If they were doing their job they would have noticed that my name didn’t match the ticket I handed them!!! I told one of the National Guard soldiers standing by the gate and he said he would inform his superior officer…
    That is the scary thing… And like you said, as long as we hire just any reject who prefers to work for TSA then Burger King we are no better than we were before 9-11.

  2. Todd Avatar

    I also agree. LAX (Los Angeles) is another airport that is absolutely "lax" in their "security" if you can call it that. For the most part, the TSA there are there to harass people as well as screw around.
    I fly into San Diego now if I have to fly. At least the security there is a little better.
    The government is only hiring those that can’t get a job in the real world, and can’t live off the government via welfare anymore. It’s a shame this is the way it is and no one wants to grab the reins and change it.
    9-11 only changed things for awhile, then the government and its’ agencies just got back to being lazy again.
    I agree with you both whole-heartedly

  3. Russ Avatar

    "as long as we hire just any reject who prefers to work for TSA then Burger King we are no better than we were before 9-11." Isn’t that the truth. I live in Baltimore a fly out of BWI…security is a total joke there!! LAZY only begins to describe the attitude of the average Balti-MORON that works these jobs!

  4. Joe Rinehart Avatar
    Joe Rinehart

    Some of my ‘friends’ in college weren’t really there for education, and wound up dropping out and working jobs waiting tables, etc.
    When security "increased," they all found new work in the security department at IAD (Dulles / Washington DC).
    Gives me little faith.

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