Coming Up, Brussels and Amsterdam

I spent the day in Milan, and just arrived in Brussels. In Milan I spent the morning with customers, and presented at a ColdFusion MX 7 launch seminar in the afternoon. I’m always impressed by the Italian ColdFusion community, Italy is a relatively small market, but is home to a disproportional number of dedicated and highly experienced ColdFusion users. My only complaint about prior Italian ColdFusion events is that they seem to attract the same people over and over. This was not the case this time, and the seminar was attended by quite a few who had never even seen CF previously.
The flight from Milan to Brussels was badly delayed, because one flight attendant did not show up due to a union strike, and the crew could not flight short one member. So, back to the terminal (yep, they figured this out as we were being bussed to the plane), where we waited and watched ever changing new departure times, until an alternate crew member was found.
Tomorrow I’ll meet with customers in Brussels, and then will host a seminar here. Attendance is expected to top 100 at this one (and at one scheduled in Amsterdam for the day after tomorrow).
And then it’s back to the U.S. Finally.

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  1. alessandro Avatar

    i was in rome today so i missed it — but i wont comlain too much because im playing with my cfmx7 install 🙂 It rocks!

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