Zürich Does Not Disappoint

My presentation this evening to the Swiss CFUG went really well. Close to 100 attendees (including a couple of members of the press) spent close to 4 hours, first at a reception, and then listening to my ColdFusion MX 7 presentation. An additional dozen attendees watched and listened remotely via a Breeze connection. The crowd took just a few minutes to warm up, but once they started there was no stopping them. Lots and lots of questions and comments, and a very interactive session. So interactive in fact that I did not even get through all of my content. I left with several invitation for a return visit, invitations that I definitely intend to accept.
Next stop, back to London.

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  1. Rico Avatar

    Ben You did a great job here! I’ve enjoyed Your presentation. Macromedia is going a good way in the future! Thx Macromedia fan from Switzerland :o)

  2. FJ Avatar
  3. Stefan Avatar

    Hi Ben! thank you for coming to Switzerland, but what’s that chinese spam in your blog?

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