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A couple of lesser known ones …
The official Pete Townshend site is running ColdFusion MX. This one sent to me by internationalization maven Paul Hastings. Paul, sorry, but the name Pete Townshend meant nothing to me, I hope that does not reflect badly somehow :-).
Computer vendor Sager is running their site on ColdFusion 5. Thanks to Illias Dissi for sharing.

5 responses to “Also Using ColdFusion”

  1. PaulH Avatar

    a brit not knowing who peter towshend is? oh my.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Oh, The Who! Duh! 🙂

  3. Jim Avatar

    The ‘official’ Who site is hosted under Pete’s site so to some extent I think it’s safe to say one of the greatest rock bands in the world is powered by ColdFusion 🙂

  4. Tony Weeg Avatar
    Tony Weeg

    who…. are you… who who … who who…
    come on tell me who the f*ck are you…..
    🙂 happy new year ben!

  5. anamon Avatar

    bacoc uses ColdFusion as well.

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