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  1. First… you link is broken.
    Second… which IBM company will offer you support? Are you sure it’s an IBM… or will the name change soon?

  2. John, yep, you caught it as I was fixing that. 🙂
    It’s an IBM, and from what I have read will be so for a while to come (several years at least, and even then they will likely still use the IBM brand).

  3. Sean, right, like you’ve never been the kid-in-the-candy-store with some new toy or gadget. 😉

  4. 45.8 lbs!? thats not a baby, thats a small child! hope you dont have to move furniture very often!

  5. Aw, it’s a fair cop guv… you got me! 🙂
    I’m just jealous of course… now how do I go about getting a dual G5…?

  6. Looks cool – glad you’re having fun with it! How long does DW take to load? Instantaneous?
    I have to ask…do you use Firefox or IE? 😉

  7. Ralf, it is actually very noisy at start-up, but then seems to quiet down.
    N, I use Firefox as my primary browser, but that machine is still running IE. I am not installing much else as I am bout to wipe it clean to install about Windows Preview on it.

  8. Holy Christ, that machine is $6,125 (add about 70% tax for countries like India)! When did people started buying (mini) super computers?

  9. I just died from a arterial block after looking at the price. If i manage to convince the guy i’m supposed to meet in afterlife, "I’ll Be Back!!!"

  10. Yeah, and monitor not even included !!!! eheheeh.. Ben, did you buy what the base model offers or did you have any add-ons like memory (not that 4gb standard is bad!!!), video card, etc… ??

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