MySpace at is an online community allowing members to create profiles, post pics, maintain blogs, and build networks of links to other friends and members. MySpace claims to contain over 5,000,000 profiles.
Mobog at enables anyone with a mobile phone-camera to instantly display their photos on or on their own site. Pictures are sent via e-mail, the subject of which becomes the caption.
Both sites appear to be powered by ColdFusion 5 (the former is using Fusebox). Oh, and both sites contain some risqué content, so browse with caution.

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  1. Yea, we have the same problem at PhoneBin, if you don’t monitor the site 24 hrs a day stuff gets through 😉

  2. FWIW, Mobog is owned/produced/whatever by Phillip Kaplan, also known as Pud of fu**** F’ed Company was also in ColdFusion once upon a time, but he moved it to PHP at some point.

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