Sharp Using FlashPaper

It’s nice to see the use of FlashPaper becoming more mainstream. Sharp is using FlashPaper in a product compatibility table at This is a great example of embedding FlashPaper within a page (as opposed to the usual PDF take-over-the-page interface). Thanks to John Farrar for sending this one my way.

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  1. Brad Fetter Avatar
    Brad Fetter

    Does Macromedia provide a tool to covert PDFs to Flashpaper?

  2. Andrei Oprea Avatar
    Andrei Oprea

    As far as I know, you can convert anything to Flash Paper by using the Flash Paper printer driver in any application. Just print to the Flash Paper printer

  3. Joseph Avatar

    I know I should read up on it, but I like the source better… Does FlashPaper allow for conversions on the fly?
    Example: Pulling information from a just completed web form to populate a fully formatted W-2 (love the gov’ment).

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Joseph, sure, in Blackstone. 😉

  5. Dennis Avatar

    Unfortunately this example also highlights the main weakness with Flashpaper – readability. On a 1024 x 768 resultion screen on a 17"" monitor the text is barely readable. There is a large white border around the text, and a huge amount of html page available space on the right, yet the text is compressed into a fraction of the available space. It is possible to zoom in and then drag the text to the right and it is fine. However the site visitor shouldn’t be required to do that (and in most cases won’t bother, they’ll just move on).
    Should the default for Flash Paper be to zoom in to remove white space in the borders and to expand to a reasonable text size if the page space is available? I know all these things are adjustable by the web designer but often just the default is used and nearly every example of the ‘default’ setting that I have seen has resulted in tiny barely readable text (OK I admit I’m over 40 but my eyesight isn’t that bad).

  6. Greg Fox Avatar
    Greg Fox

    We’re using flashpaper embedded within a flash app wrapper. Flashpaper rocks. You can check out a demo of what we were able to do at in the showcase section.

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