Motorola A630 Is Shipping

Motorola is shipping the A630, a whole new phone that looks nothing like the typical Motorola flip-phones. The A630 sports the now obligatory camera, supports Bluetooth, has a built-in speakerphone, runs Java apps, all of the stuff you’d expect. But what is really different about this one is that it flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard (complete with shift and alt keys, and a the standard 4-way jogger control). Unfortunately, this is a tri-band device (which is really odd considering that Motorola has been the only company shipping quad-band devices for a while now). And worse, from the screenshots it looks like it is the same old software. T-Mobile is the first to offer the A630. Details (and pictures) at,,66,00.html.

3 responses to “Motorola A630 Is Shipping”

  1. Yacoubean Avatar

    I’ve always hated the Motorola software, but my wife prefers it over the Nokia stuff. I think she’s crazy, but I guess this shows that there are people out there that like it.

  2. tony petruzzi Avatar
    tony petruzzi

    I have to say that this looks like one way cool phone. I love the keyboard and the camera. My only concern is this. As with most of these cameras you have to take the picture and then send it, or you have to store it in the phones memory.
    What I would love is if they made a phone that had a compact flash slot or even a simple USB slot so you could store you photos on a Sandisk or something. Make the camera a 3 megapixel or higher and you got one damn cool device.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Tony, plug in to send a picture? Isn’t that what Bluetooth and IR are for? 😉

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