On eBay, A Laptop Or A …?

4 responses to “On eBay, A Laptop Or A …?”

  1. Scott Barnes Avatar
    Scott Barnes

    It had me… i was like..looks pretty straight foward..until i read that last line.

  2. tony petruzzi Avatar
    tony petruzzi

    Personally I think that this is the reason why ebay should personally review all auctions before a bid starts.
    From experience, I can tell you that people don’t read everything before they do something. Everyone knows this and scumbags like this guy are there to screw them over.
    If I were ebay I would have never let this auction happen.
    On a lighter side… I would if the moron sent the check yet?

  3. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    Reminds me of a famous case in England many years ago where a guy took an Adult Entertainment Phone Service to court because he’d dialled "Hear me moan" and it was a woman complaining about doing the housework and how her husband didn’t respect her etc etc. The court threw the case out on the grounds that "The law is not here to protect people like you from yourself" (roughly quoting the judge).
    Caveat Emptor should be printed in big bold letters on every eBay page (yeah, I know, these poor people don’t speak Latin…)

  4. Drew Chaney Avatar
    Drew Chaney

    This ebay’er wants some major bucks for s&h (read 2nd to last line)

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