Macromedia today released a Breeze Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, software that installs as a Microsoft Outlook add-in and provides a convenient way for Breeze users to schedule, start or join Macromedia Breeze Live Meetings using Microsoft Outlook (2000, 2002 or 2003). Details at

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  1. Excellent! Now that you’ve covered half of the corporate e-mail users, how about a Lotus Notes plugin for the other half of us 😉

  2. Looks like things have changed a bit since I last had stats on Notes usage. Still, 24% translates into millions of corporate seats. I would think MM would want to tap into this. if it’s possible.

  3. Has anyone actually installed this an gotten it to work? I installed it yesterday and keep getting "A server connection error occurred…" I have checked all of my Breeze server information and it is all correct. Just thought I would ask.

  4. for what it is worth, those market share numbers are sorely out of date. Gartner Dataquest says that Notes has 46% share, Microsoft 44% (published June, 2004).

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