I am sitting in my hotel room, and the building just started shaking, well, more like rocking to and fro. At first I thought that I was just tired and imagining it, but nope, this is real, it’s an earthquake. Nothing on the news here yet, well, nothing that I can understand. A quake hit Japan (1000 miles away) about 30 minutes ago, I’ve got to assume that this one is related.

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  1. The earthquake was originated from mid Taiwan and was as high as 5.7 degree. Hang on, Mr. Forta! By the way, welcome to Taiwan! I certainly hope to see more developers get into CFMX platform with Macromedia China gets more involved with the local community.

  2. My first ever earthquake was experienced in Tokyo… and all the locals denied that there had been a quake! It woke me up at 6am with stuff falling off my nightstand…
    Ben, think of it as getting you prepared for life in California 🙂

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