First Bluetooth Headset With Integrated Display

I’ve been less than impressed with Jabra’s Bluetooth offerings to date, but that may change shortly. The BT800 is supposed to feature a LCD display (think caller id), noise cancellation, 6 hours of talk time, charging via USB connection (something I have already for my SE HBH60 using a 3rd party connector), a jog dial (I have no idea how that would work), and ring tones (why oh why oh why). Story at In reality, I am not sure how useful the display is, unless you don’t wear the headset all the time, or take it off to look at it – and if you are going to do that you could look at the phone just as easily. Still, just look at that display! I may have to buy it as soon as it is available.

2 responses to “First Bluetooth Headset With Integrated Display”

  1. Chafic Kazoun Avatar
    Chafic Kazoun

    You might want to check out the HBH-660 from SonyEricsson, that’s going to be my next Bluetooth headset. It allows multiple paring so you can pair it with several phones or with a phone and laptop (I use my headset for online chat through skype sometimes).

  2. Alex Aguilar Avatar
    Alex Aguilar

    dang it. someone took my brilliant idea of having a display on headset and improved it with ringtones and jogwheel. ok. don’t know about the last two and nnow that you mention it don’t really know how much of a productivity boon it’d be. Gotta admit it looks cool.

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