BMW Announces Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle Helmet

I am not a motorcycle enthusiast, but that does not prevent me from enthusiastically sharing this nugget. BMW has announced the System V helmet, a motorcycle helmet with built in Bluetooth functionality. The helmet has two microphones (in the forehead area, oddly enough), a digital signal processor to filter interference and wind noise, two speakers, integrated batteries, and a three buttons used to control call volume, pairing, and more. This could very well be the first Bluetooth headset that truly is a HEADset. Story at

2 responses to “BMW Announces Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle Helmet”

  1. barry.b Avatar

    >> I am not a motorcycle enthusiast
    but I am and this is a brilliant idea. Existing cable (wired) solutions work OK but it’s the bluetooth bit that’s the real kicker. D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that?
    thanx for the post Ben, I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I’m starting to save for it now…

  2. George Avatar

    I’m an enthusiast too and yeah this is great, but I am wishing for the day when they have an LCD layer in the visor and BlueTooth transmits dash data to the visor! No more looking away from the road to read your speed on the existing clocks, it would be safer as well as being neat.

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