The "Why On Earth" Department: Cell Phone Lip Synching Teddy Bears?

As ridiculous as it sounds, EspringUSA (the company who brought us the pop-up dressing room) has created The Talking Toonies, a line of teddy bears and stuffed animals which hold a cell phone “and once a call comes through, special circuitry enables the bear to move its mouth and head and appear to be speaking and having the actual phone conversation that it is receiving”. But that is not the best part, what I really like is the following text from the product page: “This product … has countless applications and adaptations for various markets”. In case you are so inclined, go to Oh, one reviewer (see apparently thinks that this will help pick up girls.

4 responses to “The "Why On Earth" Department: Cell Phone Lip Synching Teddy Bears?”

  1. John Dowdell Avatar
    John Dowdell

    Well, why not, Ben? 😉 Isn’t it sort of, uh what’s-the-word, Puritanical, to think that remote speech should only come from a little grey device, sans whimsy…?
    (I don’t know about "pop-up dressing room", though, that sounds sorta kinky…. 😉

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I think it’d e a great pick-me-up for a child in a hospital, especially if there was a beloved family member far away who could call them.
    On the downside is the absence of koalas!!!!

  3. Bill DeLisi Avatar
    Bill DeLisi

    Just to let Lisa know, we are designing 3 new Toonies for the Christmas season, and a koala is one of them.
    Bill DeLisi

  4. lukas kaiser Avatar
    lukas kaiser

    scary as hell.

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