Siemens Announces SK65, Phone With An Innovative Keyboard

Picture a cell-phone, one that looks not all that different from the one you own, until you rotate the back of its body to display a keyboard (half the keys to the left of the device and half to the right). Confused? Check out the pics at,2241,hq_en_0_60311%253Ap_rArNrNrNrN_ax%253Acms,00.html. Press release is at,2241,hq_en_0_3919_rArNrNrNrN_rls%253A1199612,00.html. The phone will be a tri-band GSM device (900/1800/1900), so coverage in the US will be ok, but not great (USA is primarily 1900, but 850 is become more prevalent) I’m going to have to take a look at one of these when I am in Europe next, this one looks compelling.

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