The FMP3 is a little device which accepts USB drives containing MP3’s, and then broadcasts them using an FM modulator (frequency configurable using a little dial) so that you can play the music over your car stereo. Of course, a device like this needs power, and power in cars usually comes from cigarette lighter outlets, so … go to to see this one (the page is in Japanese, but the picture is pretty self-explanatory). Fun stuff.

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  1. And when will it be available? No, no, let me guess… "Soon!" Of course, because this is Ben Forta’s blog. 🙂

  2. I bought one and it has one very large drawback. It doesn’t have SHUFFLE. I have a Motorola 512MB jumpdrive and there is probably no way I can get to the last 1-2 hundred songs on a short drive; it holds 240 tunes.

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