Useful (and Annoying) World Time Site

If you travel across time zones, or simply need to chat with folks in other continents, countries, or states, Time Ticker ( is the most useful world time site I have found. The Flash interface allows for time zone selection, as each time zone is selected a list of countries within the time zone are displayed, and countries may be selected off of a master list too. The really annoying thing about this site is the sound effects, there is an option to mute the ticking (I expected ticking, after all, the app is called Time Ticker), but not the arcade game inspired boings, zaps, whooshes, and worse (click on GMT, if you dare). Audio atrocities aside, this one is well worth bookmarking.

2 responses to “Useful (and Annoying) World Time Site”

  1. time man Avatar
    time man

    its ok.
    nothing great.

  2. Steve Powell Avatar
    Steve Powell

    Apart from the UK being an hour out (we have british summer time over here) its

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