Finally, some really important news! 🙂 The title for the next Harry Potter book will be “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, no publication date has been announced yet. The movie of book 4, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, is due in theatres November 2005. See

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  1. Yeah, I was getting bored with all this Blackstone talk. Now I really have something to look forward to!

  2. Who new a once poor single mother would become one of the richest women in the world by writing satanic stories that pollute the minds of our youth?
    What’s next…a conspiracy theory movie by an overgrown angry kid about one of the country’s worst tragedies?
    Oh….wait….! 😉

  3. My local church is running a summer school: the gospel according to Harry Potter. T-Lo, you need to get out more…

  4. Wasn’t T-Lo the name of a character, one of the firemen, in that book by Bradbury? What was it called? Darn, it’s on the tip of my tongue…

  5. 😉
    Just kidding here…being facetious. Harry Potter is not really evil, as far as I know.
    It’s the Teletubbies we need to watch out for. 😉

  6. hmmm… i wonder if there will be a harry potter easter egg in the blackstone release. maybe a hidden xsl for cfform, named "hogwarts" perhaps? great presentation at the dc cfug this week. very exciting stuff!

  7. Yes! I finally know what the new freakin’ title is! My dad doesn’t even know! Now, how long will this one be? 1000 pg’s? Will Harry’s friends ever see Voldemort’s face? Will Gina become a prefect? I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!! RELEASE THE FREAKIN’ BOOK ALREADY!!!!! 😉 =)

  8. hey bud, umm does anybody know what harry potter and the half blood prince is all about? the title is just so random! i don’t remember anything from the 5th book about a half blood prince.. at least at the end of the fourth book someone says something about the order of the pheonix re-uniting!!!

  9. The bad news is that the book is still a way off, no release date yet, but after the 4th movie (which is scheduled for November 2005).

  10. Maybe Harry Potter and the half blood prince is because voldemort is half blood (father was a muggle) and since he is the dark lord they call him the prince. Just a guess

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