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  1. Follow-up: we now know the reason for the delay. Are you ready? Here goes … the P.A. system is not working and needs a new part. P.A. system? Goodness, just talk louder, it’s not that big a plane. Next they’ll be delaying flights because of broken coffee makers! (Oops, I’d better not give them any suggestions, huh?).

  2. Ben,
    Not to kvetch or anything, but I’m a tad worried about your being able to show up tonight as I was planning to be among the attendees in Sacramento.
    If possible, could you keep me (us) posted on how the flight’s coming along?

  3. Do you have transportation once you’re here to the SACCFUG meeting? I’m going to the event and live 15 minutes from the airport…not that you’ll get this in time for it to be of much help. 🙂

  4. Sorry for scaring folks, I meant to post a follow-up, but when the finally boarded it was quick. Yes, I made it, and am not on the way from Sacramento to S.F.

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