I was just asked, again, if I had lost lots of weight recently. I was also asked the same question yesterday. In fact, I get asked this quite often, always by people who have never met me before but whom have seen my mug shots on my site. And no, I’ve been the same weight (more or less) for a dozen years. I guess the question should be flattering. But more importantly, I need to figure out which picture I need to change!

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  1. Santa Claus has a big bushy beard and he also has a big belly that shakes when he laughs, like a bowl full of jelly. Therefore…

  2. A good way to get people to stop asking you would be to gain some weight–just enough to match the beard. In fact, if you look heavier than they think you ought to be, no one will utter a single word.

  3. Wrap the <cfCarbCounter> custom tags around your more fattening blocks of code, It will return the execution time and the total net carbs. Also, it supports CSS, so you can display your results in the Atkins font and color scheme.
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist… maybe if "carbs" weren’t the subject of every commercial, article, cooking show, billboard, talk show, CNN story, newspaper headline, magazine insert, grocery store display, radio program, and every other blessed form of communication on the planet, I could have come up with a better joke… or maybe my blood sugar is just low)

  4. perhaps they’re confusing you with Adam Churvis
    though he shaved his beard quite a while back
    (not to mention you’ve never had long hair).

  5. Ben, I aways forgot to mention it: Did you know that your name "Ben Forta" is pronouced almost the same way as "Bem Forte" (brazilian portuguese) which means "Very strong" in our language?… 😉

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