U.K. IT online magazine, The Register, briefly reviewed (and discounted) my new “Sams Teach Yourself Regular Expressions in 10 Minutes” at http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/31/36664.html (book info at http://www.forta.com/books/0672325667/). Thanks to Lucas Sherwood for letting me know about this one.

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  1. When I first read that they had "discounted" it, I thought you meant they didn’t like it (as in, "Oh I’d discount their opinion if I were you"). Perhaps this is an English / American difference in the usage of the word?
    Anyway, glad they like it enough to offer it as a special deal!

  2. No, this Americanski had the same initial take on the word "discounted." Glad to hear that it was the wrong take.

  3. Too funny, I did not even think of that, I guess I am still a Brit. "Discounted" is used there as in "marked down". 🙂

  4. I highly recommend this book. Ben is a very clear communicator. It is very well written and had me using RegEx the first day.

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