Marriott Rolling Out More WiFi

I almost live in Marriott hotels, and so this is the announcement I have been waiting for. Marriott has offered WiFi at select locations for a while, but now (see WiFi is being rolled out to 1200 hotels worldwide. The only problem I have is thus far Marriott has billed wired access and WiFi access separately (each has a daily charge billed to your room), they need to combine that and have a daily rate regardless of connection type. But, aside from that, this is good news indeed.

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  1. Greg Hamer Avatar
    Greg Hamer

    Charge for WiFi? I recently stayed in several hotels that offer WiFi as a complementary service :). (I understand that pulling cable for wired access is costly, but I am hoping that complementary WiFi is will be the wave of the future.)

  2. Greg Hamer Avatar
    Greg Hamer

    Update … for no-charge WiFi, try Starwood hotels … following link mentions that "participating" Four Points Sheraton’s offer free WiFi ( … and they’ll even give you your own free WiFi card after 3 stays before May 28! …

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