Free Books for Schools and Educational Institutions

Each time I release a new book, my publisher sends me lots of copies for my own use. I hang on to several, and send copies to some folks, but the rest sit in boxes in my office. I have lots of books stacked away here, copies of my ColdFusion books, SQL books, and more. I’d like to get these into the hands of teachers and students and school libraries, making them available to those who might otherwise not have access to copies, individuals who (hopefully) can benefit from them.
So, if you work for (or attend) a school or college or education institution, and can use copies of my books on ColdFusion, SQL, CF/Flash, CF/J2EE, or more, please e-mail me at

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  1. Doug Hughes Avatar
    Doug Hughes

    So, do personal libraries count? 😉
    Seriously though, the libraries in general tend to have a lousy selection of tech books. I’d be happy to nominate my local library (, although most of the county could be considered quite affluent.
    Either way, I think this is a great thing to do! Kudos to you.

  2. Doug Hughes Avatar
    Doug Hughes

    Oh, wait, SCHOOL libraries. Nevermind!

  3. Kevin Avatar

    I have a friend who teaches down in Detroit and he’s reached the point where he’s buying books himself. I’m sure he could help get those to some people that really need that sort of thing. The libraries and classrooms around there are terribly underfunded, especially for computer related materials. I seem to recall that you’re in the area so it shouldn’t be hard to get them there. Just e-mail me.

  4. CPMMUG Avatar

    Our MMUG isn’t actually affiliated with a specific school/college/university, or library… but always looking for great Macromedia and ColdFusion-based books to learn from, share and recommend to one another and others in our industry. A few of our members and presenters actually are college instructors/professors, as well as students. I have also taught at a local college and was recently named to the recommendation board of our local Community College, in Harrisburg, PA. So, feel free to send a copy of any books you wish to share with our group. Autographs are not only welcome, they are encouraged.

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