So That is What J.J. and Crew Have Been Up To

Story in The Globe and Mail today ( on a just announced product named Onfolio, a content aggregation application that runs inside of Internet Explorer. And who is Onfolio’s founder? None other than J. J. Allaire, creator of ColdFusion. Product details at

5 responses to “So That is What J.J. and Crew Have Been Up To”

  1. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    Ben, I noticed that Adam Berry is there as well (as president). I wonder how many other ex-Allaire/MM employees they have.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Charles Teague is there too, and there are others I think (but can’t recall right now).

  3. Bob Avo Avatar
    Bob Avo

    Nice to see these guys resurface. It looks like a nice product, but not an original creation. Netsnippets has been around for a few years doing this exact thing and offers the same, if not a few more features and lacks the reliance on .Net.
    Despite this, Onfolio is a good v1 release.

  4. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Good to see them loyal to ColdFusion on their web site too 😉

  5. Joe Cheng Avatar
    Joe Cheng

    We’ve got Spike Washburn too… and me, if I count. 🙂

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