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  1. I must say that LookandFeel has my mind racing! This is a very fun site and has the feel that I want in my website. When trying to design and develop a comprehensive and dynamic website, one must look to everything for ideas. LookandFeel’s website has the simplicity the web needs along with that novelty factor that keeps you entertained.
    Great find Ben!

  2. Ok, sorry to rain on your great find, but there is a beeter flake maker that blows this one away.
    You can make a flake (way easier than the scissor tool) and email it to a friend(s) with a short note. When your friend visits the site, theirs suddenly appears larger and they can hover over it to read your greeting. The site has over 120,000 flakes that have been created from people all over the globe. It was a fun way to send a holiday greeting. Definitely a must see!

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