Footage Anyone?

I am collecting pictures and video of the MAX 2003 Day 1 Keynote (the first morning when I presented), stuff taking by attendees in the audience. If you have anything you can share please comment, thanks.

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  1. aSH Avatar

    I saw you here:
    <a href=""></a&gt;
    In the video feed "Impressie general session". HTH

  2. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Sneaky – like being there but not – promising info on next version of CF however.

  3. julio Avatar

    I have posted the pic’s I took from my MAX trip in Salt Lake City. Here is a break-down of the shots.
    Shooting 1 = First day at MAX
    Shooting 2 = Second day at MAX, & @ the Olympic Oval
    Shooting 3 = NOT MAX related. Sight seeing at the Temple Square
    Shooting 4 = NOT MAX related. Sight seeing at the Temple Square, and airplane pics of houston

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