I'm In Love, With a Phone

I have been eyeing Sony Ericsson’s P800 for a bit, but now comes the P900. GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP 2, Opera included, Symbian OS 7.0, a real JVM, full PDA software (integrates with Outlook etc.), MP3 player (more storage via Memory Sticks), rotate it for a game console (complete with sound and force feedback), camera (still or video), large (208×320 pixel) 64K color display … and a really sleek looking form factor. I am drooling! No mention of a ship date yet, though. Check it out at Wow!

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  1. Kai Avatar

    So you’re looking for a smartphone…;)
    What about the new o2 XDA II and T-Mobile MDA II
    ( It should become the best Pocket PC Phone Edition out ever.

  2. Yacoubean Avatar

    Their news page says its out in Europe and Asia this month…but we lowly Americans get to wait until "the beginning of 2004"

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Kai, nah, I don’t care for PDAs that double as phones, the interface feels too unnatural. I prefer a nice phone with PDA functionality.
    Yacoubean, nice thing about GSM phones is you can buy one from anywhere and just pop the SIM card in to make it work.

  4. seancorfield Avatar

    A friend of mine has one – he works for Orange (part of France Telecom) – and he flew into SF from England on Monday so we got together for dinner… it’s a very droolworthy device! He showed me some apps that were extremely cool – but I’m not sure they’re all released yet so I won’t disclose details… suffice to say I was extremely impressed!!

  5. Raphael Gerber Avatar
    Raphael Gerber

    Ben, the P800 really is an awesome device. Unfortunately my P800 sometimes has its days. From time to time i need to restart before i can send SMS or take photos, but nonetheless it really rocks. I like the fact of having a phone and a PDA in one device. The camera’s quality is not very good, you should avoid taking pictures indoors or at dawn. The sound of the MP3 player is not the best of its kind as well. There are tons of cool apps available (eg. HandyDay from

  6. Jens H Avatar
    Jens H

    I live just a few miles from where they produce P900 in Sweden. It is the shops here in Sweden and I have played with it in the shops and I have to say it is the best SmartPhone I have ever seen. You don´t need anything more. The only problem for me is the price. It´s too expensive for my wife! She can´t understand that a normal phone isn´t the same.

  7. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    Ben, you better wait for this one:
    No comments at all. I’m just wondering how funny will be to see somebody walking on the street with a finger "plugged" on the ear and talking alone… ;o)

  8. Ken Avatar

    Given this technology (Alex’s post), I don’t think very many people will be asking to borrow your phone…

  9. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Personally waiting for my contract to expire and then get the Sony t616. Don’t need the extra PDA stuff.

  10. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Sam, I have the t68 now, very nice phone, and have been very pleased with it. I was not a big Ericsson fan, but Sony Ericsson are giving Nokia a run for their money.
    I also carry an HP Jornada around, and I mostly use it because I need my calendar and contacts and some saved web pages with me, which is why a phone with basic PDA functionality is so compelling.

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