Bluetooth Enabled Cars

I took a 2004 Acura TL for a test drive today. Nice car. But the coolest feature is the Bluetooth enabled audio system. This is such a duh! feature, I’d been wondering why it was not available yet. Have a Bluetooth cell phone? Simply pair it with the car, when a call comes in it can be heard over the car audio system, and microphones built in to the car are used automatically. Caller id and number info shows up in the central display console. And if the optional navigation system is used, then the phone numbers associated with listed locations can automatically be dialed over your cell phone via the console display. All the convenience of an integrated phone, without actually needing a different phone or number. Of course Acura calls it something other then “Bluetooth”, but still, very nice indeed. (Check out, click on the “HandsFree Link Click Here” picture).

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  1. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    The new Prius has this as well. In fact it has plenty of cool technology features from the new entry and start system that automatically locks and unlocks as you enter/leave the cars area to the gear stick which is like that on jet engines.

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