Hello from Brasilia

Today I arrived in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Brasilia is a “planned city”, fear of invasion and a desire to develop the Brazilian heartland were the primary reasons for moving the capital from Rio de Janeiro. Brasilia is therefore bang in the middle of this huge country. Construction took place in the late 50’s in what is essentially the middle of nowhere (but near some beautiful lakes). The location was finalized in 1955, the first streets here were paved in 1958, and the city inauguration was on April 20th, 1960 – from nothing to city in 3 years, quite impressive. Originally intended for a population of 500,000, there are now over 2,000,000 residents here (in Brasilia, and in satellite cities) making it the 5th or 6th largest city in Brazil (and significantly smaller than São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro). Buildings here are very modern, some looking even futuristic (the Congress building looks like something left behind by a UFO). Brasilia feels like everything that São Paulo is not, it has wide open spaces, lots of green, a real road system (with interesting intersections that eliminate the need for many traffic lights) … Actually, it does not feel like Brazil at all.
And that’s your history / geography lesson for today.

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  1. Jonas Galvez Avatar
    Jonas Galvez

    I’m so sad I couldn’t make it to the CFUG-SP meeting yesterday. Hope you’re having lots of fun here 🙂

  2. Alex Hubner Avatar
    Alex Hubner

    Ben, you forgot to mention that Brasilia is also a quiet place, very different from the noisy São Paulo with its trains, curtains and high-echoed rooms! ;o)
    BTW: I’ve made some comments (in portuguese) about the Forta’s visit in São Paulo on my ColdFusion blog –

  3. Thadeu Soares Avatar
    Thadeu Soares

    Hello BEN,
    it would like to know as I can get the archives that you it used in the lecture in Brasilia, or a tutorial one of FLASH MX 2004 explaining as to make those connections using WEBSERVICES and one datagrid.

  4. Andre Hilton Avatar
    Andre Hilton

    hello Ben, I want the archives from WEBSERVICES and Datagrids used in Brasilia too. Thanks

  5. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    There are some similarities then between Brasillia and Washington, DC. The difference is that citizens of Brasillia are represented in their government whereas DC residents have no Senators or Representatives.

  6. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Strewth! (Aussie for Wow!)
    You certainly get around Ben! Your passport must be chockas with country stamps!
    All the best and hope you can come back Downunder for MX2004.

  7. Giderclay Zeballos Avatar
    Giderclay Zeballos

    Hello!! Americans!!!
    See Brasilia’s fotos in:

  8. Sergio Velho Junior Avatar
    Sergio Velho Junior

    I was at Brasilia’s Macromedia event and all I have to say is that you and the local band (Rumbora) really rocked! Congrats!
    See ya!

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