Guten Tag

Hello from Germany, this time in Nürnberg (most famous for the 1945-1946 Nürnberg trials in which former Nazi leaders were indicted and tried as war criminals). I spent most of the day today talking to ColdFusion partners and users to get their views on what the next ColdFusion should look like. Despite a strong PHP presence in Germany, ColdFusion has a loyal and committed following here, and the sessions were highly interactive and very informative. Philipp Cielen was blogging live from the back of the room, his comments (in German) are at
Next stop Antwerp, Belgium.

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  1. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    C’mon, admit it. You’re really on a beer tour;)

  2. Rick Mason Avatar
    Rick Mason

    Speaking of beer – really liked the Chinese commercial for Heiniken beer that Phillip links to on his site.
    Rick Mason

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