Flash MX 2004 Cracked?

Oscar Trelles has posted a Flash MX 2004 crack on his blog (, he’s written a serial number generator. Oscar, I only wish you could capture and post the facial expressions of happy users, you rock!

4 responses to “Flash MX 2004 Cracked?”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I was starting to doubt if Ben actually collected a paycheck when he posts a crack for their new product… I should have never doubted it!

  2. Stefan Avatar

    the scary part is that there already seem to be cracks for the product out there… i thought the activation would encourage all kinds of activities, however it is painless enough for proper users to not have to fell being put "ad absurbum" …

  3. Tim Lucas Avatar
    Tim Lucas

    Should have used Flash’s webcam api to capture their faces!

  4. Oscar Trelles Avatar
    Oscar Trelles

    I wish I could Ben, but from the nastiest comments I’ve got (already deleted), I guess I get an idea… 🙂

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